GPS Unit SN-700 Specifications

Sigilo Fleet

SIGILO GPS and Hour Meter 

Model Number –  SN-700

The Sigilo GPS and Hour Meter unit combines both location and equipment hours recording.       This unit is ideal for gathering information on asset utilization, operational efficiencies maintenance reviews and location information. Management can choose to record information daily or in run-time 3-minute intervals.  Information is automatically updated into your cloud account for viewing throughout your entire organization. This tracker combines the equipment runtime recording along with the location of equipment to provide a clear picture    of the equipment’s value to profitability. Combining the SN-700 with the Sigilo APP will help you manage equipment maintenance, repair and inspection service events and produce reports that will highlight operational results.




Operating Voltage: 7-24 Volts      

Maximum Voltage Spike –  1000 Volts 

Average Current Consumption: 15 mAmps 

Maximum Current Consumption: 100 mAmps

Wire Size: 22 AWG

Cellular connection provided

Water Resistant

Dimensions:  2” x 4” x 1”

Mounting Style: Adhesive









What’s in the Box:

(1 pcs) GPS and Hour Meter Unit

(2 pcs) double sided adhesive

(3pcs) wire splice connector





Model SN-700 consists of 3 wires, RED = 12 Volts, Black = Ground, White = 12 Volts on. The black and red wires can be connected to the battery terminals. The white wire can be connected to any wire that is 12 volts when the piece of equipment is on and 0 volts when it is off. Examples of these would be at the key switch or PTO solenoid. You will be supplied with a wire splice connector to make installation fast and easy. Place your unit in a location where it is not covered by metal and the antenna is face up. 


Set Up: 

To add the GPS and hour meter to your Sigilo

Fleet App please visit



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